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Installation notes

Unzip and start virtualdub.exe. This version runs on any 80486-compatible CPU. (Note: Extract the full contents to a directory. Don't run it directly from the zip file.)

List download mirrors for V1.5.1 release build (VirtualDub-1.5.1.zip)

This version is optimized for processors supporting SSE2 (Pentium 4) and will only run on those CPUs. Unzip it into the directory where you unzipped the first archive (above).

List download mirrors for V1.5.1 release build, P4 optimized (VirtualDub-1.5.1-P4.zip)


Build 15654 (Version 1.5.1):          [February 22, 2003]

   [features added]

   * Improved audio filter dialog.

   * Added "split" and "mix" audio filters.

   * Capture mode: Added menu item to launch Windows Volume

     Control in Recording mode.

   * Save Segmented AVI now attempts to cut before keyframes

     when the video mode is set to "direct copy."


   [bug fixes]

   * "Change so durations match" frame rate option was using

     microsecond periods as frame rates.

   * Fixed random crash when selecting menu option with no

     video file loaded.

   * Fixed broken free space gauge in capture mode.

   * Fixed trashed filenames when attempting to set capture


   * Save Segmented AVI was using one digit instead of two

     for the segment number.

   * Video capture without an audio device now works.

   * Audio compression dialog no longer shows incompatible

     compression formats when it first appears.

   * Added workaround for "shutdown when finished" job

     control option to work under Windows 98.

   * Assignments to string variables now work in scripts.







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